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Tabnet for R

You can see the recorded presentation below of the RBelgium session we held last week (on Thursday 2022-02-03). Christophe Regouby (co-author of the tabnet R package) talked about

  • the design of the the recent torch R package which interfaces with the libtorch C++ library for deep learning
  • his torch for R cheat sheet available here
  • the high-level setup of tabnet and the use of tabnet for supervised and unsupervised modelling
  • how to run tabnet from R and how to visualise the model results
  • recent additions he made to the package at https://github.com/mlverse/tabnet

And answered the numerous questions from the audience.

Enjoy the recordings below, download the presentation and if you have further questions, you can join the tabnet/torch discussion at the discord channel at https://discord.com/invite/s3D5cKhBkx

You can be kept up to date at upcoming meetups at https://www.meetup.com/RBelgium.

If you have topics to cover, feel free to contact one of us through Meetup and we will be happy to host it.